Am I Expecting Someone Else to Make Me Happy?

Don’t I realize that I hand over the control panel of my sanity, self- esteem and sanctity when I do that?  I end up condemning myself, placing my happiness on the shifting moods and circumstances that may or may not govern someone’s life.  When someone doesn’t give the presence of mind to ‘be there’ for me in the way that I expect, I allow myself to go on a roller coaster of emotional tirades, surrendering all hope of peace.  Indeed, when I don’t give the presence of mind to myself, namely the mindfulness needed to live one moment at a time in contentment, to seek the answers within myself by not listening to my God, I am set up for self-isolation and massive disappointment.

I need to remember that I’m responsible for my own happiness.  When I understand that thoroughly, I will exude that and others may even perceive it.  If not, that’s ok, too.  Other people and their shifting intimacies and coinciding interests have no power over my moment-to-moment happiness.

Emotional security and maturity recognizes that others have a right to seek their own path and enjoy the fulfillment of life on their level, too.  When we’re truly free to interact with each other with as much intimacy that is safe and appropriate for all parties involved, then relationships can not only exist, but they can grow.

Going deeper:

What motivates me to stay emotional sane?

What emotional clues should I look for in myself to indicate that I may be going down the path of emotional dependency on others?

What benchmarks do I use to measure my growth and maturity?


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