God has allowed this testing, so I have MADE myself feel through it.  Not rationalize it or over analyze it, rather feel it and move on to the next thing.  Feel it again and move on again.  Whenever I pick it up, I set it back down.  I hear the song and I turn it off.  I read the article, I close the window.  I read the verse and I re-apply it elsewhere. 

There is an enormous, vacuous territory amid the remnant of my memory now.  Slowly, steadily I apply stoicism as an ointment and time mingled with distance as a bandage.  Yes, I wrap my stoicism with time and distance; in replace of where my heart once danced freely, merrily within thinly veiled, gossamer borders. 

I now allow questions to go unanswered; misconceptions unchallenged.  In this, I am released. 


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